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Record INF Series – In the Floor Closer
Swing Doors
Record INF Series – In the Floor Closer

When the requirement for the historic preservation of custom doors or all glass frameless doors dominates your design criteria, the record-usa INF concealed automated floor operator is the ideal solution Developed especially for heavy swing doors, the INF electro- mechanical drive unit with its extraordinary functionality opens up new and attractive dimensions in the entrance area. The heavy duty version of the C127 is suitable for passage widths of up to 5 feet wide and passage heights of up to 13 feet tall. Maximum door weights of up to 1300 pounds.

Also available in a standard duty version which is suitable for passage widths of up to 4½ feet wide and passage heights of up to 12 feet tall. Maximum door weights of up to 880 pounds.

Common problems solvable with INF:

  • Arched and slanted headers
  • Low sofit conditions
  • Intrusive surface mounted operators
  • Heavy and historically significant doorways
  • Exterior curtain wall doors


  • Electromechanical drive system with high performance gearing mechanism
  • Quiet power transmission by means of electronically controlled special motor
  • Integrated micro processor controller
  • Hold-open time, opening and closingspeed, opening and closing pressure are infinitely adjustable and are independent from one another
  • Stainless steel casing, watertight
  • The operation is also capable of bi-directional movement, meaning the same operator can be used as inward or outward swing.
  • Also available with push and go
  • High energy or low energy versions available
  • Operates from a conventional 110 volt power supply (single phase) or 230v if required.
  • The opening time and speed of operation are continuously adjusted thanks to a computerized system.
  • Has a standard brake for doors in locations where being caught by a gust of wind is likely to be a problem.
  • Can be connected to a building’s smoke/fire alarm system and also building management systems.
  • Aesthetics is a key priority in any building design these days and the INF fits underneath the floor within a very high quality stainless steel frame and is then hermetically sealed with a stainless steel cover plate.
  • Every INF swing door operator is designed for a fully automated opening and closing. There are no hydraulic systems; it is driven by a brushless DC motor which has no additional resistance over a gear The great advantage is that it allows heavy doors to be operated easily when used manually. Emergency opening or closing is also a possibility with an additional battery back-up.
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